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Sugar VS Fruit Sugar

By admin | In Tips | on September 6, 2017

Sugar VS Fruit sugar

After our No Sugar Challenge we’ve gotten a lot of questions about sugar and if there are difference kinds of sugar, because this is a topic that can get very confusing for a lot of people.

First let me tell you how much sugar soft drinks or fresh juices of fruit contain. Soft drinks contain about 110 grams of sugar per litre. In the most juices this level is pretty much the same, as it contains 90 to 110 grams of sugar per litre. And now I hear you thinking: sugars in juices are fruit sugars, that’s different. Well, no! Let me tell you now: sugar is sugar.

White sugar, also called sucrose, consists of fructose and glucose. But what many people don’t know is that honey or orange juice both consist of these same substances. So again, sugar is sugar. There isn’t any difference in sugars for our body.

But what does that mean? That you can just as well have a breakfast with cola? When you look at the amount of sugars, than my answer would be: “Yes, you can have your breakfast with cola”. But of course orange juice provides you with vitamins, minerals and fibres that you cannot find in cola. Only the sugar in it is all the same, in the end it’s all sugar water. My advice is to drink orange juice if you like, but with moderation. Do not drink it too much just because you believe it is healthy. Be aware that orange juice is not necessarily super healthy for your body. You can better look at orange juice as a treat. Treat yourself every now and then just once on a glass of freshly squeezed juice.

But then the next question would be if fruit is unhealthy? No, it is not! One glass of orange juice contains as many sugars as there are in four oranges. This is pretty much, normally a person wouldn’t eat four oranges in a row. If you would your stomach would be very full after eating those. Eating one orange fills you as much as drinking a glass of juice, but you will get four times less sugar inside. This is possible because while you chew on food you will get the saturated feeling (the feeling that you are full) a lot faster than when you drink it in liquid form.

Tip: Strawberries are one of the fruits with the lowest sugar content. So if you make a juice, you can throw a lot of these sweet red berries in there in order to make your juice (as a treat!!) a lot healthier.

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